Oct 212014

3 Mistakes that you probably doing while using your programmable thermostat

Unfortunately for most of us, the dark and cold days of winter are coming. Before long we’ll be turning on our furnaces for heat, if you haven’t already turned it on yet (I have!). And many of us will waste money by fiddling with the thermostat. Here is a handy list of our typical mistakes:

1. Turning the thermostat up when it’s cold outside. Find the correct and comfortable temperature for you and leave the thermostat there – no matter how cold it is outside!! That’s the whole point of a thermostat — it turns on and off as needed to give you the temperature you want. It doesn’t care what the temperature is outside. It measures the temperature inside. So, please STOP playing with the thermostat.

2. Turning up the thermostat when you want to heat the room quickly. Let me tell you this; turning up the thermostat up won’t do anything to heat the room more quickly. It just sets the final temperature – that’s it!. If you turn it up higher, you will likely zoom past comfortable before you realize it. And then you’ll have wasted energy — and money.

3. Leaving the furnace on when you are away, so it won’t have to work so hard when you return. Your furnace doesn’t use more energy when it turns on and off. In fact, giving it time off is the best strategy for saving money. Buy a programmable thermostat that will lower the temperature when you’re not in your home and turn on your furnace just before you get home; or better a smart thermostat which will do all these settings by itself. You waste money heating a home when no one is in it (but don’t let the pipes freeze!)

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat yet; it’s perfect time to buy one – right before the real cold weather hits. Check our programmable thermostat list

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