May 022014
honeywell's nest
honeywell's nest

honeywell’s nest

Do you have any idea what’s this we have here?

It looks a lot like a Nest programmable smart thermostat, and the only difference is that Honeywell brand name. Not much details yet, but this picture came from the Facebook page of a Honeywell employee. Or maybe soon-to-be-former Honeywell employee.

Honeywell has its own smart thermostats. They look like regular old thermostats, maybe a little larger and with touch screens, except they’re wifi enabled and mobile app controlled. This, if it is a real picture, is a very clear design change, one that looks very informed by Nest. Apparently gizmodo reached out to Honeywell for comment, and this is the response that they got:

We don’t comment on rumor and speculation – we have no comment at this time.

What do you think? Could this be a real product?

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