Jun 042014
Programmable and Smart Thermostats

Considering the weather conditions change and the nature goes from warm to cold, and back again, it is essential to modify your thermostat settings accordingly. By properly modifying the thermostat programs for the season and the current climate conditions, you’ll save dollars and make sure that your air conditioning and heating systems aren’t totally wasting energy. Additionally, you will help extend the life span of the furnace as well as your air conditioning unit by not forcing them to operate any harder than they completely need to throughout every season.


Ideal thermostat configurations for summer time:

During the warm summer season, I suggest you set your programmable thermostat to 78 degrees while you’re in the home. It’s not too hot, as well as not very cold. It really is good enough which keeps you from getting cold and does not make you break a sweat. In the nights you may want to increase the setting to around 82 degrees. This will assist you sleep much better and will not lead you to wake with freezing feet.

Needless to say, lots of people go on vacation during the summer time. Which means there will probably be complete several weeks when you will not be at your home. For all those periods you will be away from home, I suggest you to set your thermostat at 85 degrees. This makes your air conditioning unit to switch on if only the temperature goes up to ranges that could damage home electronics or foods in the pantry.

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