Feb 112014
Lux WIN100 Thermostat

When you are in the market for the Best Programmable Thermostat, what do you look for? Easy to use? Properly functioning device? Does the job? and easy on the price… If these are the conditions, this one is for you. However, I need to mention that Lux WIN100 5-2 Day Programmable Outlet Thermostat is not a typical Programmable Thermostat. This thermostat is actually built for use along with space heaters as well as air conditioners which automatically restart right after electrical power reconnection, the Lux WIN100 5-2 Day Heating and Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat provides the convenience, comfort, and electricity saving advantages. In order to start using, simply connect the WIN100 into an electric outlet, plug your portable heating or air conditioning system into the thermostat, and you are all set.

To increase your house’s energy-efficiency, the Lux WIN100 comes pre-programmed with default heating and air conditioning plans which are meant to save up to 33% on power expenses over a year as well as assist to cut down on your carbon footprint. The WIN100 is 100% mercury free, so you can be assured it’s a safe and environment friendly option for your home.

The Lux WIN100 has a small LED display, which flashes in between the present temperature and time and also shows the established temperature, heat or cool setting, status and the day.

Keep in mind that both the Lux Products internet site and also the user manuals make note of is using an AC unit or heater which automatically Continue reading »