About Me

Hi all… Up until December 2012, we have lived only in apartments with central heating. When we moved to our new house on December 1st, 2012 (first-time home-buyers 🙂 ), we had no idea about the furnace – heating systems – thermostats – which one is the best programmable thermostat etc. The house had one of the old-fashioned thermostats (the round mechanic one). I thought it would do the work and decided to keep it (even though our realtor suggested to change it immediately after buying the house). When I started to see the PSEG bills, I noticed that it was a mistake to keep the old thermostat. I bought a programmable thermostat and changed it finally at the end of the winter (should have changed it much earlier – here another mistake). After these mistakes, I have 3 points for you right at the beginning :

  • If you have one of the old-fashioned thermostats, buy a programmable thermostat and change it TODAY!(if you think a programmable thermostat is not necessary, please come to this page later on. I will write an article to explain why having a programmable thermostat necessary) You can decide which thermostat is the best programmable thermostat by using the information here.
  • Changing a thermostat is super easy. Even if you are not handy (like myself), it takes only 10 – 15 mins. at most. Just you need to make sure to cut the power before starting the process and things will be done very easily (I will post a video to explain how to change it, again – be around 🙂 )
  • Replacing an old-fashioned (most likely mechanical and non-programmable) thermostat with a newer, programmable model is maybe the most effective way to control your heating costs (and cooling costs, too – if you have central A/C).

When I decided to buy a thermostat, I noticed there is not much resources on internet for the programmable thermostat comparison to find the best one. When I Google “best programmable thermostat“, or “programmable thermostat“, or “smart thermostat” I was getting only the pages for either specific product pages (honeywell, nest etc.) or big retailer pages (amazon, love’s etc.). I couldn’t find any comparison page. So I decided to do the work by myself 🙂 Since I have the good knowledge, why to keep it for myself – here it is.

I hope you will like this site and share with your friends – whoever needs a programmable thermostat.

I just want to remind you that, the information on this website is based on my experiences and collection of information from different websites. I don’t take any official responsibility for any of the information here. This website is free and I just want to share my own experience with you. That’s all… I don’t want to be blamed for any of the decisions that you will make by using the information on this site.

I wish you a warm winter / cool summer / lower bills with the help of the Programmable Thermostat Info