Honeywell THX9321R5030 Prestige 2.0 HD Thermostat Reviews

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Installed relatively easily – pay to datalog, August 22, 2013 (5 stars)

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Converted from an old Lennox to this with a two-stage heater and two-stage cooler. Determining which wires were which took a little time; even though they were labeled it took a little time to translate from Lennox call outs to Honeywell. Likely a non-issue for a HVAC person. Took about an hour of research on what the wires meant, and about five minutes of attaching wires to screw studs.

Best feature is the fact that it integrates with a Portable Comfort Control. This $85 remote has its own temperature sensor in it, so we can set the remote wherever it is we think we’ll get the best overall control. We mostly keep it on the main floor during the day and drag it upstairs at night. Best of all, my temperature sensitive wife can strap it to her hip and end all discussion on why it’s too hot/cold. 🙂 Way worth the extra cost.

Only con is that you have to buy the $85 Redlink Internet Gateway to get a log of your usage. Other thermostats (like the Nest or EcoBee) have this built in. Honestly don’t think I’d use it after the first couple of weeks, but it would have been nice to have.


Excellent – Definitely get the Red Link Internet Gateway, January 2, 2014 (5 stars)

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Works extremely well. Lots of customizations. Works with my Aprilaire 700 Whole House Humidifier. Only downside is it uses Red Link instead of true WiFi, so you need to purchase the Red Link gateway to connect to the Internet, but I strongly recommend you buy the accessory. I turn my system off from my iPhone while driving away from house and turn it back on 30 minutes before coming home. It’s nice saving money on heat and not walking into a freezing home. The software is flawless and well-made, just nervous like others that Honeywell may one day charge a fee. I also got the outdoor temperature sensor which is not really a necessity but it’s fun to see the temperature at your house in the morning or when you are far away, as the weather report might not accurately reflect your house. Overall, a really great product.

You do not need to be an expert to install this, although you do need a C power wire so you may need to run an extra wire if you happen to be using all the existing thermostat wires in your line.

I originally purchased Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat from Home Depot and replaced it with this one. This is much more heavy duty version of that thermostat, with a lot more customization options and a better looking (albiet larger) casing. I would recommend this one over the ‘dumb downed’ version they sell as the DIY model any day of the week.


GREAT system, but can a challenging DIY install, January 29, 2014 (5 stars)

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Disclaimer: I didn’t purchase my setup form Amazon, but I hope others may find this feedback useful.

In fall 2013, I was interested in getting a high-quality “smart” t-stat system that would also be solidly future-proofed for any upgraded or more complex HVAC equipment I may install years down the road.

Honeywell Prestige, Nest, and EcoBee were my final contenders. Nest was tempting – it’s sexy and expertly marketed – that was my initial draw. But research on various HVAC professional forums very quickly had me running away from Nest – wayyy too many issues & complaints. From my research, EcoBee and Honeywell Prestige are both very consistently and very highly regarded by HVAC pro’s.

I ended up choosing the HW Prestige because it offered more add-on features and more overall wireless connectivity than EcoBee, and I’ve been VERY PLEASED with my choice – I got the complete Prestige 2.0 package: t-stat IAQ, EIM, RedLink system, PCC remote, outdoor sensor, indoor sensor, and return/discharge sensors.

Then the fun part begins – to be blunt, Honeywell goes out of its way to make the Prestige system as DIY-install “unfriendly” as possible – there isn’t much non-pro help out there anywhere. But, if you Google around patiently, you can find the resources you need. To its credit, Honeywell does provide a lot of detailed documentation, it’s just not written for the non-professional. If you’re not comfortable with HVAC basics and basic electrical concepts, you are far better off having a pro install your system.

But if you are willing to spend time researching and puttering here & there, you can indeed successfully self-install this system – even all of the extra available bells & whistles. As a bonus, you’ll learn A LOT about your existing HVAC system equipment, and that’s a good thing to be smart on! So, yeah, self-install can admittedly involve a healthy amount of blood, sweat, and tears for those of us who aren’t particulary savvy on HVAC, but I am very glad I did it – saved a good chunk of $$$, and I learned a bunch about my house’s overall HVAC.

Prior to the actual installation, I carefully mapped out all of my equipment placement, and made sure I knew what wires needed to go where – I had my entire wiring plan all drawn out ahead of time. Then I started putting the new components in place – laying out all the new wiring was the most time-consuming part of the install — I installed a whole new wiring plan/structure – I ripped out & trashed all of the old wiring and started fresh.

Once everything was connected, I turned it on, and it worked like a champ from the start, and has ever since – I’m now in my second year with this new setup, and I no-kidding haven’t had to touch any of it since installation – heat and cool have been working flawlewssly. The ability to control the system & schedule from online and/or smartphone app is great, and that too has worked without a hiccup from the start.

I can’t say enough good things about this system – it rocks! The fact that DIY-installation isn’t exactly easy is not really a big deal if you are aware of it ahead of time, and you simply do your homework by fully planning out your install before you start doing it. It’s not a simple plug-n-play system (like the Nest is marketed to be), but that’s actually a good thing IMO.

Buy with confidence – whether you self-install or have a pro do it, the Prestige system is a trouble-free rockstar performer.


Replacement, January 22, 2014 (5 stars)

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This is a replacement for the first one that I bought. The first one failed on installation. Amazon sent the replacement very quickly, it installed quickly, (I had all of the installation items in place from the first unit), it worked perfectly, connected to the Equipment interface module, and outside temp sensor, and remote control easily. Thanks.


Amazing screen, features and excellent applicatin software, January 18, 2014 (5 stars)

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I installed three of these in one of my rental properties along with an outdoor sensor and Red Link Gateway … both my heating guy and I had no experience here. The directions were good but the telephone support was INCREDIBLE. In just a few hours we had all installed and fully operational with PC and iPad software controlling the thermostats remotely. I know control the entire home from over 100 miles away and reducing my oil bill like crazy!


Looks like a good thermostat, but Product Info is incomplete and Installation instructions are terrible., November 26, 2013 (4 stars)

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Looks like a good thermostat. Installation instructions are near useless to a DIY’er. I had to call my HVAC person to get correct and unambiguous instructions for installation. Honeywell sells this unit to the DIY’er, but doesn’t document it for the DIY’er. Even an HVAC technician would probably be guessing how to install this thing. Amazon web site also does not point out clearly that this “WIFI thermostat” doesn’t provide WIFI capabilities unless you by accessories for it.

Its only been running for an hour. I’ll post back if I learn more. reviews – Honeywell Prestige HD thermostat, 10/7/2012 (4 stars)

This is the 2nd Honeywell prestige HD thermostat I purchased. (I have 2 zones in my home). The color screen looks wonderful and it was very easy to program. The installation was not too difficult since I used my first Prestige thermostat that was professionally installed as a reference. The instruction manual could be better (deducted 1 star). I have one outdoor sensor and it is able to wireless transmit the outdoor temperature and humidity to both thermostat units. reviews – Easy to Use Thermostat, 10/24/2013 (5 stars)

Used this thermostat to replace a similar older model that failed. The entire replace and set up process took me about 40 minutes. Installation and setup require an understanding of your HVAC system, but it is very easy to follow the instructions and built in installation interview. It can control just about any combination of HVAC and IAQ equipment that you might have. The display is bright and easy to read. Programming different temperatures for different times can be as simple or as complex as you require. Once in operation, the procedure for making a temporary adjustment in temperature is very simple and the display shows exactly what is happening. This is an expensive thermostat, but it is worth the price. That said, the price from Alpine Home Air was the lowest on the internet and less than half the price from a local vendor, not to mention what they charge for a service call and installation. reviews – Easiest Thermostat to use, 8/13/2013 (5 stars)

Easy to set up and put into operation. wireless sensors make it valuable in changing room configurations reviews – Best Thermostat yet!, 7/9/2013 (5 stars)

Followed instructions and worked the first time. reviews – Worth every Penny, 3/16/2012 (5 stars)

Saves time and money,great way to upgrade outdated equipment. comfort remote is a must have



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