The Best Thermostat Configurations for Summer (and Winter)

Considering the weather conditions change and the nature goes from warm to cold, and back again, it is essential to modify your thermostat settings accordingly. By properly modifying the thermostat programs for the season and the current climate conditions, you’ll save dollars and make sure that your air conditioning and heating systems aren’t totally wasting energy. Additionally, you will help extend the life span of the furnace as well as your air conditioning unit by not forcing them to operate any harder than they completely need to throughout every season.


Ideal thermostat configurations for summer time:

During the warm summer season, I suggest you set your programmable thermostat to 78 degrees while you’re in the home. It’s not too hot, as well as not very cold. It really is good enough which keeps you from getting cold and does not make you break a sweat. In the nights you may want to increase the setting to around 82 degrees. This will assist you sleep much better and will not lead you to wake with freezing feet.

Needless to say, lots of people go on vacation during the summer time. Which means there will probably be complete several weeks when you will not be at your home. For all those periods you will be away from home, I suggest you to set your thermostat at 85 degrees. This makes your air conditioning unit to switch on if only the temperature goes up to ranges that could damage home electronics or foods in the pantry.

Very best programmable thermostat configurations for winter season:

During the colder winter season, you should be a bit more careful with your programmable thermostat configurations. In case you set it up way too high, your dollars will go straight out your window. If you set it way too low, you may end up getting in touch with the plumber to fix busted water pipes. Due to this, it’s really a wise decision to set your programmable thermostat to 68 degrees while you’re both at home and awake. This is usually a pleasant temperature that will not cook or chill you. In addition, because of the thicker cold weather clothing for example sweaters and turtlenecks that you’re most likely putting on, it will really feel a lot warmer.

During the night, or for occasions when you’ll be away in the office or on holiday, it is advisable to reduce the temperature to 58 degrees. This will deliver enough heat to prevent pipes from freezing and it will make sure that your home won’t use much energy when it does not need to.


Utilizing programmable thermostats to get the best thermostat settings

Clearly, it isn’t really practical for you to play with your thermostat settings throughout the year. It’s not only cumbersome, but it’s also impossible if you work, travel, or enjoy spending some time far from home in the daytime. For this reason it’s really a great idea to install a programmable thermostat.

Programmable thermostats let you establish the required temperature in your house for longer time periods so that you will never need to stress about adjusting it. As a result modifying your thermostat for spring season, summer time, fall and winter simple and fast.

Below are a few of the advantages programmable thermostats are offering and also the capabilities which make them well suited for use in your home. It needs to be mentioned these will change based on the brand and model. Therefore, you may want to look into the particular aspects of models you are thinking about prior to making any purchase.

Programmable thermostats enable you to program configuration settings in blocks of the time. This allows the correct amount of warmth during waking up time, working hours and in bed hours. The configurations may also be set to operate in 7-day sections than enable you to set specific temperature presets for mondays to fridays and saturdays and sundays.

By using a programmable thermostat, it is possible to modify and adjust your configurations whenever you want. As a result, if you are heading on holiday, or the weather conditions change, it is possible to modify the thermostat’s settings without losing the preset values.

Although many older houses use only one thermostat to regulate the whole house, many newer houses currently have more than one cooling and heating zones. All these different zones can be managed by a programmable thermostat. This enables your heater or ac to increase and reduce temperatures wherever it is required without losing energy in some other areas in the house.

Many, but not all programmable thermostats currently have indicators which inform you when it’s time to replace your hvac filters. Additionally, there are indicators to warn you whenever your heater or air conditioning unit is malfunctioning. Both of those capabilities will assist you to save money on your cooling and heating expenses and may minimize the requirement for expensive fixes.

Certainly, programmable thermostats possess some unique benefits over the old time thermostats all of us recall from our childhood. Having said that, there is also a brand new technology that you need to know about: smart thermostats.

Utilizing smart thermostats to obtain the best thermostat configurations:

Smart thermostats carry the great benefits and capabilities of programmable thermostats to a higher level. Actually, those are the “Ferraris” of the cooling and heating market. Although their initial cost is more expensive compared to regular or programmable thermostats, the power and cost savings they give you over the long-run are very well worth the money.

In a nutshell, smart thermostats build on the characteristics of programmable thermostats. Together with presets, zone controls, etc., you’ll get a lot more control of your house comfort. There are actually 3 types of smart technologies that you need to know about:

Connected thermostats – These types of Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats enable you to manage your thermostat setting wherever you have access to internet – through a smart phone, tablet or computer Nearly all are touchscreen controlled, and many can be put in and installed without having to engage a technician. They are best in case you usually forget to set the thermostat or all of a sudden realize that your plans now have changed and you will be returning home earlier from work or holiday.

Learning thermostats – Men and women are creatures of habit, and these kind of thermostats learn your routines and modify the temperatures to match your chosen lifestyle. They are well suited for individuals who wouldn’t like to program their thermostat and also have standard daily schedules that hardly ever change. Following a couple of months of utilizing a learning thermostat, it’s going to remember the best thermostat settings for you personally and your household.

Smart grid technology – They are dependent on if your municipality has became a member of the program or not. If the option is readily available to you, your house thermostat as well as your meter is going to be linked directly to the power grid. They are going to communicate with the electrical company and will eventually deliver real-time information with regards to your house’s power usage. Theoretically, this makes your own monthly electricity bill more precise. It will also enable the electric company to generate the right quantity of power during the day. The net impact is going to be much less power waste that will result in reduced power expenses for consumers.

All things considered, you will need to find the perfect thermostat and find out the very best thermostat configuration settings for your residence, family and chosen lifestyle. There are various available choices and each and every comes with their unique features and benefits. Are you ready to buy your new smart thermostat? Take a look to our Best Programmable Thermostats list.