With 4 Easy Questions, Decide Which Programmable Thermostat to Buy.

You have decided to buy a thermostat, but you don’t know which thermostat to buy. How you will decide? What are the factors that need to be considered? I will list the important points for your decision:

1 – How tech savvy you are?

Do you buy the latest phones/cameras/TVs/DVRs and more importantly, do you use all the functionality of those devices? Or you don’t even set your DVD’s clock?

There are many different programmable thermostats on the market. While some of them has only simple thermostat functionality; the others have the latest bells and whistles (wifi accessibility, being able to use as digital photo frame etc.). If you are not tech savvy, you don’t need to spend money for those extra functionality.

2 – What is your daily schedule?

The programmable thermostats allow you to use your heating/cooling system according to your daily schedule.

  • Do you have the same daily routine every day, including weekdays and weekends (same program for every day)?
  • Or does your weekend schedule is different from the weekday schedule (5-2 program)?
  • Or maybe you have 3 different daily programs; 1st from Monday through Friday, 2nd for Saturday and 3rd to Sunday (5-1-1 program)
  • Or you have different schedules for every day (7 different programs)?
  • Or you don’t have a routine schedule at all (better to have a learning thermostat)?

That’s why, better to buy a programmable thermostat which fits to your daily schedule changes.

3 – Warranty and tech support details are important

It is better to think the worst at the beginning; if you will have a problem with the thermostat down the road, will the company help you quickly? Will the company replace the thermostat easily? Better to do the research properly at the beginning, rather than being sorry at a later stage.

4 – Where will you install the thermostat?

The location of the thermostat is important. You wouldn’t want to put an ugly device to your living room wall (which will stay there 24*7, and you won’t be able to cover it at all); instead better to have a modern looking device. Some thermostats have ‘digital photo frame’ functionality, and some other thermostats come with different cover plates (which can fit to your overall living room design).