How to use a programmable thermostat? (tips from real life)

A programmable thermostat will help you bring in the power savings, but there’s a hitch: You have to select one you’ll really use. The programmable thermostat may be the VCRs in our day. Why? We believe they are too complicated. Here are some tips to help you on this.

The Latest Programmable Thermostat / Smart Thermostat Reviews

A programmable thermostat will help make your house much more comfortable as well as energy efficient through automatically adjusting its temperature, for example increasing the air conditioning while you are at home and turning the AC off after you leave for work or school. However …

The Best Thermostat Configurations for Summer (and Winter)

Considering the weather conditions change and the nature goes from warm to cold, and back again, it is essential to modify your thermostat settings accordingly. By properly modifying the thermostat programs for the season and the current climate conditions, you’ll save dollars and make sure that your air conditioning and heating systems aren’t totally wasting energy. Additionally, you will help extend the life span of the furnace as well as your air conditioning unit by not forcing them to operate any harder than they completely need to throughout every season.

Couple Tips (and Tricks) for Nest Smart Thermostat

Absolutely nothing impacts human beings comfort and ease or mood just like a comfortable, warm environment or a cool, energizing climate. However, with all the different technologies in your home, the humble programmable thermostat receives the the very least respect despite the fact that no one enjoys pricey power bills every month. In this article, I will write some tips and tricks about the Nest smart thermostat.

Smart thermostat sales heat up

More than five years after smart thermostats were introduced as an easy-to-use alternative to the current programmable models, manufacturers are reporting triple-digit sales increases.

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat – 2nd Review

These days Best Programmable Thermostats, come in two varieties: round and rectangular (everyone knows which ones are round ones 🙂 ). But we don’t care much about the shape, we are focusing more on programmable thermostats’ smart features. With characteristics such as electronic and touch screens, humidity sensors and even some which learn your own habits (these kind of smart thermostats can program themselves). Today I will write another review for Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat.

How to Save on Energy Costs This Summer (and future Summers :-) )

With summer approaching, we’re all daydreaming about vacations and weekends spent poolside. Amid all the fun, though, lurks the summer surcharge – higher electricity bills to keep you cool in the blazing heat.

To save more on electricity in the long run, invest some cash in a few choice preventive measures. And don’t forget, some of the upgrades and improvements might qualify you for federal tax credits to help offset the cost.